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will drive the project from its very
beginning to its business results completion
What is purpose of the site?
understand and analyze customer's situation
will help you build more
application centric web sites.

Our Web Design Services will help you realize non application centric web sites (Audience assessment - Graphical realization - Navigation logics - Testing - Deployment - Site announcement...). Nevertheless, when more applicative realization is to be performed, web design services will seamlessly be included.

Site purpose / tone / content / timing analysis
What is purpose of the site? - e.g. informative, informative, promotional, ...- what has to be the tone of the site? - e.g. corporate, games, promotion, community, ...- what will be the site content? - e.g. multilingual, static or dynamic, ... - what are concurrent or related sites?

Audience assessment
What is the audience, and what are their characteristic behaviors/dependencies? - e.g. access speed, computer capabilities and type, computer awareness, age, gender, business, administration or consumer, ...

Graphical realization
We will typically deploy graphics in three steps. First we will create sets of pages for general customer look & feel approval/correction. Then will create a set of representative web pages - also intended for approval/correction, to finally deliver actual web page templates.

Navigation logics
As for- and in parallel with- the graphical path, we will work in steps of approval. A first blueprint will come out of the navigation chart, then will be illustrated on a small site model with actual web pages before realizing the whole site. At each step of conception, we bare in mind to minimize the number of clicks and the time surfers will have to spend for enjoying the purpose of the site.

All sites will be both created and tested on our multi-vendor park and all major browser brands in order to be certain our pages generate the whished effects cross-platform. Above this, we will test during deployment phase.

The deployment of a web site follows a number of contingency plan steps. We first deploy and test in our LAN on a platform similar to the definitive one on one hand, on the other we test the actual target platform in a restricted access mode, when succeeded, we deploy and test on the definitive server but with restricted access. At success, we grant restricted access to our clients for their own testing. Only then, and when the customer wishes it, we release.

Site announcement
After deployment, and if requested we proactively index the pages on the most relevant search engines besides integrating wished search engine keywords inside our pages.

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